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Thứ Năm, 5 tháng 5, 2011

Another Hanoi teen sex clip emerges

A video clip recently leaked on YouTube features two teenagers, suspected to be students at a high school in Hanoi, engaging in sexual acts and dirty talks, drawing criticism from online community.
They are rumored to be students from Hoang Van Thu Senior High School in Hoang Mai District.
The 12-minute clip, allegedly taken with a cell phone, shows a girl and a boy and their voices but their faces are quite blurred.
It appeared on YouTube on April 29. The clip distributor also supplied the girl’s nick, name and age.
In March, a similar 10-minute sex clip presumably featuring two students in Hanoi was too leaked onto YouTube and later removed.
According to some netizens, two characters in the clip probably study in a famous university in Hanoi.
This clip’s setting took place at a rented room surrounded by bookshelf, table, and other furniture, in which the girl possibly aged 20 is wearing myopic glasses while the boy is holding a camera in his hand(s) to record their sweet moments.
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